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What We Do

Securities Registry Services

We are market leaders in the management of various forms of listed and unlisted securities. With almost 20 years of experience, we have perfected the art of managing Share Registers; Initial Public Offers; Dividend Processing; Corporate Actions; AGM & EGM Management; Employee Share Option Schemes and many other related services.

Investment Administration Services 

Using modern technology, we simplify management of investor accounts on behalf of Custodians; Fund Managers; Collective Investment Schemes; Stockbrokers; Pension Funds and many other capital markets operators. Finally, retail and small investors can enjoy top drawer services befitting royalty.

“Investor Elite” Debit Card

A must have for any serious investor, the Investor Elite card offers a one stop solution to the perennial problem of tracking small dividend payments; settling market trades and participating in and paying for corporate actions. The card gives the investor immediate access to their trading; dividends and other income proceeds and can be used on ATMs and POS across the country.

SACCOs Administration Services

Through our SACCO 24/7 brand, Corpserve offers a complete solution for the efficient and effective management of Savings and Credit Corporative affairs. The service package includes providing world class SACCO management software onsite; online; on bureau basis etc. We help SACCOs manage member registers, assist with loan management; asset management; treasury management and many other administrative activities.