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Investment Administration

Corpserve offers Investment Administration services to Licenced Custodians; Asset Managers and Stockbrokers. The service enables retail investors to access custodial services at affordable rates. Currently Corpserve offers this service in partnership with Old Mutual Custodial Services.

With the introduction of the Central Securities Depository in Zimbabwe (“the CSD”), securities traded on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (“the ZSE”), can only be settled by electronic entry through the CSD.  A consequence of this is that Securities Certificates will no longer be good for delivery in respect of transactions entered into on the ZSE. 

As such, all listed securities, prior to transaction, are required to be electronically held and in the possession of a Custodian. Effectively therefore, all investors without exception, including the individual shareholders, are required to appoint a Custodian if they wish to transact. Investment Administration is Corpserves innovative solution that allows retail shareholders cost effective and efficient access to custodial services.