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Corpserve Registrars recently held a Stakeholder sensitization workshop in conjunction with the Ministry of Small to Medium Enterprises & Cooperatives Development and the Zimbabwe National Cooperatives Federation at the Ambassador Hotel on Saturday 27 February 2016. The workshop was held  to introduce the Cooperatives Management System to the  stakeholders. The system is designed to assist cooperatives enhance corporate governance and overcome some of the challenges currently experienced in the Cooperatives sector in Zimbabwe such as:

• Member register management

In this era of digitization document management has become a global topical issue, with more and more firms realizing value in going digital as opposed to running a physical document management system which is at times costly and comes with several restrictions. In response to this increasing demand, software developers all over the world have developed Document Management Systems specifically tailored to manage documents for organisations which deal with sizeable volumes of paperwork.

The introduction of the Central Depository System in Zimbabwe is set to improve overall trading efficiency in the market and has seen Zimbabwe joining other automated capital markets in Africa and beyond. The CSD has however given rise to a new playing field which has also brought about a new dimension in roles of market participants which includes investors.