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Document Management System the Key to business efficiency……

In this era of digitization document management has become a global topical issue, with more and more firms realizing value in going digital as opposed to running a physical document management system which is at times costly and comes with several restrictions. In response to this increasing demand, software developers all over the world have developed Document Management Systems specifically tailored to manage documents for organisations which deal with sizeable volumes of paperwork. With so many solutions available on the market how do businesses know which ones to select?

For firms to realise real value from a DMS system it has to be as robust as possible, and should have the following Key functionalities;

    • Focused on managing documents and other electronic information such as images
    • Indexing of documents preferably able to link them to physical storage when required.
    • Focused primarily on storage and archiving and on document lifecycle management including document expiry.
    • Has a powerful workflow for incorporating business processes into the management of the documents.
    • Restricted access to folders or document and other security parameters can be applied.
    • Allows document tracking and sharing.

Escrow Systems has developed an outstanding world class solution 360˚ Document Management System, guaranteed to give firms on the market for a document management system a robust solution for managing documents and data within the organisation. The system features are compatible with the basic requirements of a Document Management S ystem and also incorporate so many more value added features, such as a chat module, has multi-user capabilities and is fully supported. The solution is web based, meaning that document reviews and approvals can be done by supervisors and managers off site. For more information on this exciting product visit;…/fin…/documentmanagementsystem