Corpserve Registrars is Zimbabwe’s leading share registrars company. We provide an array of services to the country’s investing public and we take pride in our excellent service delivery that has seen us retaining the management of the country’s top performers on the bourse.

  • Register Maintenance
  • Investor Services
  • Dividend Payments & Reconciliations
  • Corporate Actions
  • Investment Adminstration
  • Maintenance of an updated database of stock exchange listed & non-listed transactions.
  • Maintenance of full share & bond register details.
  • Interest computation and distribution including capital redemption.
  • Retention & custody of shareholder’s physical records.
  • Securities transfer, registration, replacement & disbursements.
  • Management of issuer’s corporate action.
  • Management of issuer’s investor relations.
  • Administration of off-market registrations.
  • Administration of fungible securities.
  • Administration of Liens/Pledges.
  • Dematerialisation of share certificates
  • Management & safe custody of security stationery
  • Liaison with Capital Markets Regulators.
  • Management of Employee Share Ownership Trust registers (ESOPs
  • Call Centre Services.
  • Verification of shareholder instructions.
  • Maintenance of static details for shareholders.
  • Handling of shareholder queries & correspondences.
  • Dividend cheque replacement.
  • Lost certificate replacements
  • Deceased Estates verification and portfolio valuation.
  • General Investor information.
  • Monitoring and observing transaction timetables
  • Register reconciliation
  • Calculating dividends
  • Reconciliation of dividend accounts
  • Disbursement of Electronic Payments
  • printing and mailing dividend cheques and advice Slips
  • Maintenance of unclaimed dividend
  • Remitting Withholding Tax.
  • Computation & distribution of Debt Equity interest & capital repayments
  • Creation of shares entitlement file for uploading on to the electronic register at CDC
  • Capitalisation Issues (IPOs, Debt Floatation, Bonus Issues, Rights Issues, Demutualisation.)
  • Scheme of arrangements
  • Cash Dividends
  • Scrip Dividends
  • Interest Remittances
  • Capital Redemptions
  • Share Options
  • Unclaimed Dividends
  • Advisory services related to Transfer Secretary’s role in a corporate action
  • Share Buy back
  • Share consolidations
  • AGMs and EGMs management including Poll/Ballot administration
  • Safekeeping of securities (through nominee registration),
  • Settlement of trades for listed equities, fixed income & unlisted securities
  • Trade confirmations & cash reporting
  • New CSD account opening
  • Dividends and other Incomes distribution to underlying shareholders
  • Distribution and collection of shareholder proxy forms
  • Represent shareholders at AGMs and EGMs
  • Reconciliation of registers with CSD

As a shift from the traditional business, Corpserve has embraced the application of appropriate technology to define new products & services.  Some of the technology driven products & services that are now being offered by Corpserve include, but not limited to the following:


2nd Floor, ZB Center
Cnr 1st and Kwame Nkrumah Avenue
Harare, Zimbabwe

Phone Number
+263 242 751 559 – 61

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