Share Registry Service

Our clients enjoy unlimited freedom by having their registers managed by a professional share transfer agent while they concentrate their precious effort and time on their core business activities. The following are the features of our innovative solutions:


Analysis Reports are a set of shareholder reports customized for our clients. These reports are generated periodically, as agreed upon with clients, to track activities in their share registers. These are very useful tools in monitoring and tracking critical movements and composition of a share register. Directors of a listed company will never have surprises on the structure of their share register as they are constantly updated on any slight shift in its composition.

Each time we change shareholder’s details in the share register; our system automatically generates an advice notifying the shareholder of the change. This is a combined security check and notification mechanism to ensure that unauthorized changes are picked by the shareholder and to confirm shareholders’ lodgments respectively.

This involves monitoring of particular transactions on the register and placing flags and alerts. For example some clients would want to be advised when certain shareholding ceiling of a particular class of shareholders, say, foreign shareholders is reached. Corpserve has mechanisms to place flags on such classified shareholder and provides reports as and when the desired indicators are reached.

Corpserve offers meetings management for listed companies during their AGMs or EGMs. The following are some of the features of this service:

  • Packaging, sorting and posting of annual reports
    Equipped with its excellent systems Corpserve has the capacity to pack, sort and deliver the annual reports to the shareholder within amazing turnaround times. Once the annual report is ready from the printers, Corpserve will coordinate the excellent packaging of the annual reports and sort them according to the national provinces for easy distribution. Tracking and monitoring services of the annual report can be provided, where required.
  • Labels printing and mail merge services
    One critical element of the meetings management services is the ability to identify the qualifying shareholders as at the desired record date and match them to the annual report to be mailed out. Corpserve has systems that can handle printing of the labels based on the names extracted from the live register as at the desired record date and create a mail merge that is linked to the annual reports to be posted to the shareholder. This facility enables that only qualifying shareholders receives the annual report and referencing of the mail is made possible.
  • Electronic registration and voting of attendees
    As a shift from the porous registration of attendees and vote counting during meetings, Corpserve has a clever way of seamlessly handling these, sometimes, complex transactions electronically. The use of technology at the meetings ensures that errors in voting are eliminated and that only the shareholders of the company and those accredited for the meeting are allowed to attend. This eliminates the challenges that are normally associated with non-shareholders and unaccredited audience attending meetings and delays in releasing the voting results.
  • Development, Mailing, Collating and Analysis of the proxy forms
    Proxy forms are usually problematic for many companies and they are usually not included in the annual report handbook, but usually inserted as an addendum. Corpserve has capacity to develop the proxy forms that accompany annual reports. These proxy forms are serialized and linked to the meetings system for easy capturing. Thus outsourcing the proxy form development to Corpserve not only improves the processing of these forms but enhances the process that tracks the shareholders who appoint proxies to attend the meeting.
  • Online Capturing of Proxy forms
    Through our online services there is a facility to download a proxy form, complete and transmit it back to Corpserve’s dedicated online servers. The meetings system will receive the posted online proxies and process accordingly.
  • Report provision – Proxies and Attendees
    At the beginning and end of the meetings Corpserve is capable of providing reports detailing the number of proxy forms received and the number of shareholders that have attended the meeting. Over and above the numbers of proxies and attendees, we provide the detailed analysis reports of the shares representing the proxies received and the shareholders attending the meeting. In the event of a poll, Corpserve is capable of producing reports of the composition of the votes and the overall results of the votes. This process is porous free and is open for auditors of the company to scrutinise before endorsing the results of the polls.
  • Live Streaming
    Over and above the reports that our system is capable of producing, we have a very interactive module that allows live streaming of the attendance register. The Board is capable of monitoring the important statistics of the attendees from the comfort of their location through a live streaming functions on their PDAs or Tablets.

Corpserve is not a new player in Corporate Actions. We have vast regional experience gained from our participation in a good number of corporate actions in the African region. The following are some of the key striking attributes Corpserve has in corporate action transactions:

  • Dividend Payments
    Dividends processing are at the core of Corpserve’s operations. This function comes with some of the latest innovations in dividend handling processes.
  • IPO Management
    Equipped by a robust IPO system, we are capable of handling IPOs of varying magnitude. Our IPO Management Services experience stretches across most African economies. In Zambia, Corpserve handled the Zambia National Commercial Bank (Zanaco), Celtel Zambia plc (Now Airtel Networks Zambia Plc) and Madison Financial Services Plc IPOs.
  • Dividend Reinvestments Plans
    Increasingly a number of shareholders are realizing the benefits of constantly growing their portfolios. To help this dream, Corpserve has introduced the Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRP) to facilitate share purchases out of the periodic dividends that are paid by clients whose registers we manage. This facility works in the same way as scrip dividends where shareholders can opt to either receive their dividends in scrip form or cash form. Accumulated payments are then lodged to stockbrokers for acquisition of
    shares for the shareholders under the DRP.
  • Schemes of arrangement management (ESOP)
    Employee Share Option Schemes can be one of the most delicate arrangements to manage. These schemes are usually a divergent from most companies’ core activities and hence resource allocation towards the full implementation of the appropriate devices to handle such schemes my not be a riority. This is where Corpserve comes in. We have invested a lot of time and effort in developing tailor made solutions to challenges associated with option schemes. Over and above, we have appropriate and innovative technology to handle the management of these schemes. Our Options Scheme system comes with varying functionalities more than enough to administer any scheme of arrangement.

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